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PostSubject: HOTSPRING: RULES/PAYMENTS   Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:29 am


Hello and welcome to the Hotsprings! I'll be taking full ownership of the Hotsprings now so please read. Note that there are different sections so if there is a section you need to refer to, here's a key

General- Red

Entry Payment- Orange
Food Payment- Green
Membership- White

This place is very self explanatory, this is pretty much a small paradise for students to go to after school or whenever they have spare time. The amount of money you have to pay will be lowered then the original because many people do enjoy hotsprings and it's fun and I know many of us don't want to spend that much money for one thing. There will most likely be deals so pay attention to the Entrance Topic.


For each time you're about to enter the Hotsprings, you MUST post at the entrance and follow this receipt

[b]Number of People:[/b]
[b]Total Amount:[/b]
[b]Membership?:[/b] [will be explained later]

$5 for each person that enters
[color=red]after you paid $5 that day, you can enter back whenever you want but only on THAT day

$6 if you forget to post your payment at the Entrance. That would be kinda like stealing in a way and it's harder for me to keep track on who's where.

$7- if you enter in the springs after we say CLOSED or before we say OPEN
. It's really quiet simple. Just don't come to the springs when I haven't opened yet. You will know when I post either CLOSED or OPEN


Like every Hotspring, there is food/drinks but you can only order food/drinks when a worker is here [currently, I'm the only worker so I won't be hiring yet]. Here are your Options on food.

Soda [any]- $1 per costumer
Milk- $1 per costumer
Juice- $1 per costumer
Smoothie [any]-$2 per costumer

Sushi- $3 per costumer [contains only 4 pieces of sushi of your choice]
Tempura- $3 per costumer [contains only 3 pieces of Tempura of your choice]
Plain Rice- $2 per costumer [a small serving of rice]

Bird's Nest- $5 [usually for parties, If you don't know what it is, google it or ask]
Deluxe Sushi Platter- $6 [Usually for parties, costumer has a choice of what kind of sushi he/she wants. fits up to 10 pieces]

[More to come along the way. Note AGAIN that you cannot order unless a worker is here]


Memberships are a little expensive. The last for 5 weeks before you have to renew it. Just pay a total amount of $25 for the membership. Some of you may be asking "Why is it so much?" well, in all honesty it isn't really because you pretty $5 a week to unlimited access to the Hot Springs when you have to pay $5 each time just to get in without it. It's a pretty good deal. If you want a membership, please PM me [Remilia] for one. Note that this membership ONLY works for one person. For your membership, I will give you a PIN NUMBER when paying. I will have a list of who's PIN NUMBER goes with who. The Membership will only work with you so no "lending" your memberships.

When paying to go in the hot springs with your membership, your receipt should look like this.

Name[s]: Remilia Scarlatti
Number of people: 1
Total Amount: $0
Membership: 1652 [made up just to let you know]

Now, say you wanted to take your friend to the hotspring. Please remember AGAIN that your membership only covers YOU not anyone else. So here's an example.

Names[s]: Remilia Scarlatti, Suzumi Haruna
Number of people: 2
Total Amount: $5
Membership: 1652

This is an important part about the memberships, you cannot ENTER the Hot Springs when it is CLOSED. If you enter when it is closed, as a member, you will have to pay the regular amount for entering which is $5.
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