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 Rules and Regulations [Updated 8/21/09]

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations [Updated 8/21/09]   Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:26 pm



1. You are allowed to Role-Play (RP) however you wish to Role-Play in but here is how we suggest you to Role-Play.

*- indicates an action
ex. *walks into the classroom*

()- When talking Out of Character
ex. (brb dinner) note that all things said Out of Character DOES NOT affect the Role-Playing game.

Italics- It shows what you're thinking
Ex. wow...this class is so boring...

2. Please keep everything PG-13 meaning nothing sexual or overly violent.

Sexual Content: This site will not tolerate any sort of inappropriate affection towards another member. We will allow members to have an online relationship but Hokkaido Academy will not take part or responsibility of that relationship if any conflict would occur [ex. meeting online and then real life]. We will allow small signs of affection such as kissing and hugging and hand-holding. However, we do not allow extreme cybering such as online sex. We don't want to see any online stripping either (i.e. under dressing). If you have any mature sexual content, please keep it in PM's or outside of Hokkaido Academy so you do not disturb the members of this site and so we do not receive any complaints. Signatures and avatars that underdressed (i.e. Shows undergarments, little to no clothing, anything that has the private areas showing in a very inappropriate manner.). This goes for guys too. If we find something wrong with your signature, we will count that as 1/2 of 1 warning. Please use common sense, if you feel as though your signature might not be suitable for this forum; please contact either Remilia or Suzumi about that. We do not (obviously) allow online rape and pregnancies. This is an Anime High School Role-Playing Game Site. Each member is supposedly all in high school. Hokkaido Academy does not support teenage pregnancies or any form of rape. Advertisements of pornography will not be tolerated either. Any form of pornography will be deleted and your account will be banned.

Violent Content: This site will have many battles and action so there will be violent content that might not be suitable for all ages. If you have anything overly bloody and includes gore, please put [M] in bold meaning MATURE, so viewers will be warned not to read if they choose to. You may also use a spoiler.

[spoiler] insert content here[/spoiler]
And it'll appear to look like this:


If you have a question on how to make a spoiler, please ask Remilia or Suzumi.

3. DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR OWN ROLE-PLAYING FORUM ON HOKKAIDO ACADEMY. This is a rule that is taken very seriously. Do not make topics about your own site and do not Private Message (PM) multiple times Any about your site. Any sort of "illegal" advertisement is not acceptable. Please tell a Moderator or Admin if anyone breaks this rule. Any form of advertisement for another forum is strictly forbidden. If you wish to advertise a site such as deviantart.com, that is perfectly fine but any sort of other RPG forum will not be accepted.

4. Do not claim other people’s actions while role-playing (i.e. you cannot claim that someone had punched you in the face of killed you without he/she saying so.). This rule is very self-explanatory.

5. Do not spam the Updates topic. That topic is meant for places where people can read new updates about the site and be informed of the site. If you have a question, please contact Remilia or Suzumi.

6. Hacking with not be tolerated on Hokkaido Academy. We already had an incident in hacking with the Administration Control Panel. The reason for your hacking will not be tolerated, whether it is to change your stamina bar to allow you access to Godmod or ruin the site. That is illegal in many countries and even if this is a forum, hacking violates Internet Safety rules and could either fine you or lead you to arrest.

7. Hokkaido Academy takes place in a time very similar to the late 19th century with a few modern twists. The clothing is very vintage and described as “Lolita” most of the time. The world is a very original and made up world where countries in reality (such as China) exist. We’ve adapted a very Old English culture but at the same time a Japanese culture. All cultures are allowed but those are the two that our website represents the most. This website is an original piece of work that was finished on February 9th, 2009. These rules are a trademark of the originality of this website. Search for the copyright below to only these rules. This site was made by Forumotion so I do not claim any right to this website provider, only the rules that I have typed up belong to Hokkaido Academy. No copyright over Forumotion is intended or presented. This site’s provider completely belongs to Forumotion.


1.be original when creating your Role-Playing Character on this forum. We do not allow members to have taken original characters and copy off of them. You may use their picture for example but do not call yourself, for example, “Allen Walker” or “Light Yagami” and act and have the same powers as these characters because those characters belong to their rightful creator/owner. The site will have to ask you to change your character to be an original character. Each member has their own style and creativity so creating a character should not be difficult because everyone here is capable of doing so. If you have a problem with that, please see Remilia or Suzumi for any suggestions or complaints.

2. Please do not make multiple accounts. All the administrators have access to look at your IP address so all Admins will be able to see how many accounts you have created and which ones you created. If you have a family member sharing a computer, we will allow that but we will ask you for hard proof before you can do that. Please consult with Remilia or Suzumi if you have a problem with a sibling being on the same computer. You can take as much time to give us proof that you aren’t. If you are unsure of how to provide proof, please consult with Remilia or Suzumi if again you have any questions. If you have a reason for making multiple accounts, please PM a Moderator or Admin beforehand and present a good reason for it. If we approve of it, we will give you one week trial on that accounts and if we find nothing wrong with it, you may keep it. However, if you do not tell us, we will have to talk to you about it. A Moderator (Remilia or Suzumi) will deal with multiple accounts so if you have any questions about this topic, please see her.

3. Please do not add stats to your own techniques. This is a job for Moderators that have been trained to do so. If you change the stats or put in stats of your own in your technique and weapons description, the Moderators will change it to a more reasonable amount.

4. No Godmoding. If you choose to have a weapon, please do not have a “Godmoding” weapon (ex. Laser Beam Gun). The Moderators and Admins will look at your weapons and if we find it to be Godmoding please do not complain or you will receive ½ of a warning. Godmoding is prohibited and unacceptable. This goes for techniques as well. A Moderator or Admin will have the right to deny a technique you post on the Weapons/ Techniques section of the Character Information Topic. They will put either “Unapproved or Godmoding” if they find a technique to be unfair and unreasonable.

4a. To prevent godmoding on Hokkaido Academy, we've decided that "Killing" Techniques will not be allowed on the site anymore. The reason is, because it's is unfair to our junior members of the site because the techniques may seem to only benefit the higher ranked member as well. Each member should at least get the chance to defend themselves before having the possibility of being killed.

4b. Also, I want to add a dose of common sense to this as well. For our senior members, I know that maybe some of you might have techniques that could wipe out a beginner because they're starting stats are only 10 points per bar. Although I cannot do anything about ALL the techniques because in order for this RPG to be fun, there has to be some techniques will high HP deduction correct? But as for our beginners and possibly our freshman, please at least allow to to have a chance to level up and get used to Hokkaido Academy. Meaning, don't pull out a technique that would be deadly to them. As senior members, I ask you to show more respect to the junior members and give them a chance.

Now, to prevent constant deaths, if you are going to kill someone, please PM me [Remilia] who you're going to kill, so I can:

- Keep track of your killings on my computer
- And reread the battle to see if it was fair to the other player.

4c. I want you to know, that I will have a right to decline your death wish(es). Although, I will have the final call on the death, I will ask the other staff members on their opinons too wheather they think the death should go on. Reason of declining might be because of an uprise on deaths or the ranking difference. Whatever it is, we will have a right to decline it but you as the member will have the obligation to state your reason for why this death is nessary but only if you want. But at times, please note that we will ask you why.

[Godmoding- (v.) a term used in role-playing games to describe two behaviors of players. The term comes from the "god mode" found in many video games, allowing a player to activate features such as invincibility, unlimited ammunition or lives, or similar power boosts. Godmoding is almost always frowned upon by other members of the game, because it is regarded as a form of cheating against the game's tacit rules.

From www.wikipedia.org.

DISCLAIMER: Hokkaido Academy does not claim any ownership to the information provided. ]

5. No Metagaming.

[The follow information is from www.wikipedia.org . The information provided will define metagaming and provide examples.

DISCLAIMER: Hokkaido Academy does not claim any ownership over this material. This material belongs to www.wikipedia.org. Although this information is not the most accurate, it will give as sense to the members and future members of this site more knowledge of the rules here at Hokkaido Academy.

metagaming is the use of out-of-character knowledge in an in-character situation. A character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character's in-game experiences and back-story.

• Adjusting a character's actions if the player has some foreknowledge of the long-term intentions of the gamemaster
• Using certain types of attack or defense based on the strengths and weaknesses of a monster/other characters the character knows nothing of, for example a weakness to fire-based magic.
• Acting on technical and/or scientific knowledge that the character is not or could not be aware of (such as creating gunpowder in a Dark Ages or Middle Ages setting).
• Adjusting a character's behavior towards other player based on real-life relationships with other players.
• Using knowledge of the game's mechanics to gain an advantage in the game by having the character do something that makes no sense given the character's personality and psychology.
• Assuming that something that appears to be wrong or unlikely in the game world is a mistake of the gamemaster rather than something that could be investigated.
• Assuming that if an item (often a chest, desk or book-case) is mentioned by the gamemaster during the initial description of an area, it must have some relevance to the storyline, and immediately searching or examining it (while ignoring other furnishings or objects that are most likely there as well).
• Deciding on a character's course of action based on how the game's mechanics will affect the outcome without more significant regard placed on how the character would actually behave.
• Any action that is based upon the knowledge that one is playing a game.
• Another form of metagaming occurs as a form of powergaming during character creation, when a player takes flaws or liabilities that they know the gamemaster is unlikely to fully exploit, thereby acquiring extra creation options without paying a corresponding penalty.

7. While making your character, if you decide to be a Half-breed, you can choose to be whatever creature you want but the other half MUST be Human. This rule is very straight forward and self-explanatory. An Admin will PM you if you are a half-breed and you are not Half Human.

8. Please do not have signature pictures or avatars that will stretch the page. Please do not have more than one visible picture in your signature. If you must, please put them in a spoiler


1. “Killing” other members is allowed on this RPG site. Information about killing another member will be posted in the Fighting Handbook (updated). Please read more information about killing a member. If we find you Godmoding while “killing” another member, the member will not die but you will receive a warning. Excessive killing will not be tolerated (i.e. Killing Sprees). If you kill more than one member a day, we will have to speak to you. Note killing one member everyday/every other day/ every week will not be tolerated. You will receive a warning if you do.

2. Bullying while Role-Playing will be accepted because this is a RPG forum and things said in character do not count in Out of Character. However, if you cause a member to feel insecure and they end up messaging me, you will receive a warning. Bullying Out of Character is when someone disrespects another member out of the RPG world of Hokkaido Academy and fights with someone for an unreasonable reason.

3. Disrespecting an Administrator or Moderator will definitely not be accepted. If you post a comment or send a message that is disrespectful to the workers of this site, we will count that as 2 warnings. Examples of this is making rude comments about the Hokkaido Academy, making rumors about the staff of the site, stating what a “horrible” job the staff is doing at maintaining the website, etc. The staff of this site has a life outside of this site and cannot come to every single member’s needs.

[Note: This site is an original site that was created out of the staff and members and what they believe this website should include. Reporting this site is futile due to this is a website made by the members with the help of the staff to support the wishes of the members by popular demand.]

Once you read the rules, please PM either Sakurai or Remilia the FIRST pharse "What is the use of a book...". This ensures us that you read that. If you did not, while Registering, it'll ask who you PM. If you did not PM either of us, or your applications isn't accepted, you cannot start RPGing. While Registering, it'll ask you "Who did you PM?". If you read this, you'll PM one of us the first phrase and you'll get the second half of the phrase in the fighting handbook. Please tile your PM "Application" and send BOTH QUOTES in the same PM

DISCLAIMER: Hokkaido Academy does not have ownership over Forumotion (the provider for this RPG site). These rules, have ever are written by Remilia for the betterment of Hokkaido Academy. These rules are written to protect the members and will stand as a symbol and guide for Hokkaido Academy. All who copy these rules, it will be considered plagiarism. These rules are made for Hokkaido Academy and Hokkaido Academy only ( hokkaidocademy.darkbb.com )

These rules belong only to Hokkaido Academy ( hokkaidoacademy.darkbb.com)
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Rules and Regulations [Updated 8/21/09]
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