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 Kurogane, Patchouli Minh

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PostSubject: Kurogane, Patchouli Minh   Thu Jun 25, 2009 1:07 pm

Hokkaido Academy
Student Application

{{• General Information
First Name: Patchouli
Middle Name: Minh
Last Name: Kurogane
Nickname(s): Minh, Patchi, Patchy, etc.
Age: 16
Birthday: August 1
Race: Mage

{{• Ability
Special Ability/Gift: Magic! In general, summoning magic, which involves spell cards. I can summon, using spell cards, attacks, denfense, etc. Due to the use of spell cards, there will be a limit of much I can use a certain 'spell.' And since it also involves intelligence, once my intelligent stats runs out, I am limited to hand-to-hand combat.
Weapon: Spell Cards. They are basically cards that are carried around. And is as explained above.

{{• Appearance
Physical Looks: I have purple hair that is waist length. It is usually left down due to laziness of attempting to style hair. I also have dark purple eyes. I would usually wear anything that involves ribbons. I also am short for my age.

{{• Personality
General Attitude/Personality: I will usually act polite, hyper, happy, and usually lazy. If I am tired, or I dislike a person, or when doing business, I would usually act serious, tired, monotone.
Goals: To achieve true peace, or nirvana... Which is impossible for this lifetime..
Likes: Sweets, arts, magic, etc.
Dislikes: Haters
Bad Habits: Keeping everything in order. Getting too lazy.
Fears: Really be alone

{{• Et Cetera
Parents: Not known
Siblings: None
Other family: Foster Family
History: Lost parents at young age so it was not possible to remember them. Then I was adopted by a lady whom I called 'Granny.' We traveled place to place and explored the world. She taught me the wonders of alchemy, or magic, that made me what I am today. When she became sick we resided here. Granny is currently not with me and has moved on to be reincarnated.

Who did you PM? Remilia



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PostSubject: Re: Kurogane, Patchouli Minh   Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:53 pm

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Kurogane, Patchouli Minh
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