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 Scarlatti, Remilia

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PostSubject: Scarlatti, Remilia   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:51 pm

Hokkaido Academy
Student Application

{{• General Information
First Name: Remilia
Middle Name: Esel
Last Name: Scarlatti
Nickname(s): Remi, Rem
Age: 13
Birthday: July 29th
Race: Human

{{• Ability
Special Ability/Gift: None

Weapon: Spectacles- Glasses that were created in 1784 that have three different color lenses, piled up on one another. Red, Blue, and Clear. This weapon is more so a defensive weapon that is barely worn outside of battle.

[The follow lenses will be more explained in the Stamina Moves section. Note that whatever is written here is a vague description and only includes it's primary function]

Clear: This lens will allow the user to detect presences and/or strong auras within the area [Topic]. It is also able to copy the presence and/or but it must stay for a period of time [three posts made by opponent], in order to copy down the data that was there. From there, the presence and/or aura will be able to be trace down.

Blue: This lens will allow the user to see penetrate through techniques that could make the user unable to see or blind (such as mist, fog, smoke, light). The lens will also be able to see under water, working almost like goggles.

Red: The red lens will be able to create illusions, working very similar to a movie projector. The illusion may only show events that have happened in the past and the user must have knowledge of that past scenario. Remilia often carries around a small journal where she recorded all of her memories, her friends and historical events to use as reference. The lens may or may not hurt the opponent mentally, depending on the technique [in Stamina Moves]

A function that the lenses have is that there are two small levers on both the right and left side from the spectacles that will allow the user to switch lens but since there are two levers, the user may user more than one lens at a time [depending on the technique will depend on the order of the lenses]. For example, the user will be able to user a clear lens with a blue lens. There are a few possible combination from the lenses and depending on the combination will determine how a technique will work.

A function that the blue and clear lens share is that the right lens is split into two different halves. The first top half allows the user to see long-distance while the bottom half allows you to see close-distances. The right lenses is able to rotate into any angle just in case the user wants to see things in a different angle and perspective. The left lens characteristic that both the clear and blue share is that it is able to see different pressure points of the bottom. there is a switch that will allow the user to turn it off and on. Although Remilia has no use for it, she uses it when assisting any Hunters when he/she needs the information.

{{• Appearance
Physical Looks: Has Black Medium-length hair and choppy, uneven, layered bangs in the front. She has dark blue eyes but it tends to turn electric blue due to her enthusiasm towards things. She has smooth, soft, baby-like skin that resembles a porcelain doll. Her cheeks are a little chubby but her teeth her very straight. The only flaw about her teeth is that her two top front teeth are a little bigger. She's a very regular human girl that usually wears her school uniform (seifuku) and regular white socks (not short cut or knee highs) along with a pair of Loafers, sneakers, etc. Other than that, she does nothing particular to her physical appearance.

{{• Personality
General Attitude/Personality: A overly-sensitive girl that is easily irritated. She has an overly-reactive imagination and tends to over-exaggerate everything unintentionally but sometimes purposely. She's learned to be a compulsive liar to almost everyone, mostly towards the strangers and people she dislikes greatly. She has a large ego and likes to hurt others to fulfill her unsatisfied soul. She has a horrible memory and often has to write things down in her journal in order to remember it. Remilia has a tendency to say a lot rude comments and insults but in the end, has nothing to back it up with. This journal come in handy when battling as well because her red lens requires memory. She's a very happy-go-lucky towards people that she is comfortable with. All in all, just a regular human girl.
Goals: Undecided. Character's biggest wish is to find one
Likes: Magic Tricks, Practical Jokes, Occasional Pranks
Dislikes: Any type of creature [unless she has learned to adapt to them]
Bad Habits: Likes to press her thumb on her lower lip she she's deep in thought, a piece of her hair flips into an Ahoge when she's confused or has a pathetic look on her face
Fears: Creatures [that aren't hunters or humans]

{{• Et Cetera
Parents: Unknown.
Siblings: Unknown
Other family: Unknown


Who did you PM?: Myself?

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PostSubject: Re: Scarlatti, Remilia   Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:36 pm

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Scarlatti, Remilia
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