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 Mirame, Sesuke

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PostSubject: Mirame, Sesuke   Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:32 pm

() {Don't stretch the page.}
Hokkaido Academy
Let's go with Easy Go! To the unseen world...
Student Application

{{• The Principles
I can hear your voice that's slipping into the crowd
First Name: Sesuke
Middle Name: Uzuchiha
Last Name: Mirame
Nickname(s): SUM, Mirame,
Age: {13}
Birthday: {21/11/96}
Half breed - Vampire, Werewolve
Element: Earth

{{• The Proficiency
I'm searching for the the map of the future in the center of the intersection
Special Ability: Occular Rise

  • Explanation & Limits of Gift: {The ability to see ones energy, transfer her eyes around her body and use it to make her faster, stronger and have more hp (+15 all stats) No limit to seeing ones energy, Using transfer her eyes limit of 2, Limit 1 of using +15 all stats - once a battle- full effect all battle turns her into her second form, Miroshi!

Weapon: {The weapon Sesuke uses is Claws. The claw has taken over her hands, Is part of her special gift, but she controls earth, Gives her extra power controlling earth}

  • Explanation of Weapon: The weapon is a claw that has taken over her hand and is a curse to her, it can be used to block and poison can be stored in it to paralyze the enemys, She can transfer her eyes into the weapon.

{{• The Presence
I believed in dreams always coming true on the other side of the sky!
Physical Looks: She is not very tall and she is very slim, Her body type is flexible, she is agile and has a birthmark on her belly, Also a birthmark on her back of her thigh, her hair color is blonde and she wears any loose fit clothes.
{Img of her birthmark}

{{• The Persona
What is there beyond the night? There are times filled with anxiety
General Attitude/Personality:She has 2 forms with split personalitys! When she is feeling normal she is shy and doesn't speak, her second personality is Miroshi, Is like a cat, a werewolve always rowdy and up for a fight! She causes trouble in Miroshi form and can't be controlled, When she uses Occular Rise or gets angry she turns into Miroshi, Miroshi looks like this!

Goal: Find her parents and become strong
Likes: Friends,animals

Dislikes: Being disrupted, No family!!!
Bad Habits: {Breaks down all the time, Is always cold to everyone}
Fears: { Getting friends and losing them}

{{• The Past
Even if it's impossible, if we don't do anything, it will stay zero
Parents: Names not known, Lost parents at birth
Siblings: Names not known, Lost siblings at birth!
History: Being adopted then abandoned, Currently no parents, needs new parents/ find own parents!

Who did you PM?:Sakurai

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Mirame, Sesuke
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