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 Williams II , Takiiasu

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PostSubject: Williams II , Takiiasu   Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:11 pm

Name: Lighing strike
Technique: Sword skills
Stamina Required: {Riza or Suzumi will determine this.}
HP Deduction: {Members will determine this.}
Description:This attack can only be used when its a thunderstorm.When its a thunderstorm while im fighting i can use the electricity from the air to charge up my sword.Then the sword glows a dark yellow is the weakest,glows red is medium, when it glows blue thats when it is at its strongest.it takes a while to develop so its best to get the enemy distracted or something before trying this attack. Then when you are ready to attack you can slash at air and let electric currents attack your opponent or you can attack them directly.If the attack lands on them they can be paralyze for a short time.
Advantages: Can paralyze oppenent
Disadvantages: Take awhile to develop and can only use it on a rain day

Name: Animal mimicry
Technique: Ability absorption
Stamina Required: {Riza or Suzumi will determine this.}
HP Deduction: {Members will determine this.}
Ability to take on the
abilities of all animals. Can not take shape or form of the animal. I
can use previous power from animals i have touch.

Advantages:Can use my powers to adapt to my environment
I cannot use more then
ten different animals a day.I cannot mix one animal abilities with
another animal
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Williams II , Takiiasu
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