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 Role-Playing Guide [New Memebers please read]

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PostSubject: Role-Playing Guide [New Memebers please read]   Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:26 pm

Role-Playing Guide


Hello everyone and welcome to Hokkaido Academy! Hokkaido Academy is a text-based role-playing game forum (a.k.a. RPG). Hokkaido Academy as all the aspects of a regular Japanese school: Classes, Friends, Romance, Action, and Drama. Although it takes after a Japanese school, it has a certain twist to it. Each student it of different race: vampires, werewolves, half-breeds, demons, hunters, humans, and mages. Interested? Make a character, meet new people and join the new RPG world of Hokkaido Academy!

Note: You must be 12 or older to register into Hokkaido Academy for the following site may contain profanity and mature rated violence

Before you Begin

1. Read the Rules

Before you begin, you must read the Rules and Regulations and the Fighting Handbook. In those two topics, are two phrases of a quote. To ensure that you read both topics, you must PM (Private Message) either Sakurai (Moderator) or Remilia (me) both the quotes and name it “Application”. While you are Registering your character (in the Registration Category), it will ask you a question “Who did you PM”. Depending on who you PM-ed the quote to, you will either put now Remilia or Sakurai. Do not try to lie and cheat your way through this because we will have a list of who PM-ed us and who did not.

2. Register your Character

After you read the both the Rules and Regulations and the Fighting Handbook, you must go to the Registration Category to enroll your character. Please go to Pending Applications.

-On top, there will be an Announcement that will say “Template! {Read!}”. There will be a code on how to set up your application, please copy and paste the code that looks like this:

[center][img][b]Place your character's image URL here. (Do not stretch the page.)[/b][/img]

[size=24][font=Georgia][color=#00a99d]Hokkaido Academy[/color][/font][/size]
[size=24][font=Georgia][color=#29B5AB]Student Application[/color][/font][/size]

[size=12][font=Georgia][color=#00a99d]{{• General Information[/color][/font][/size]
[color=#29B5AB][i]First Name:[/i][/color]
[color=#29B5AB][i]Middle Name:[/i][/color] {If any.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Last Name:[/i][/color]
[color=#29B5AB][i]Nickname(s):[/i][/color] {If any.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Age:[/i][/color] {12+ please.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Birthday:[/i][/color] {Month and day.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Race:[/i][/color] {Please see Note #2.}


[size=12][font=Georgia][color=#00a99d]{{• Ability[/color][/font][/size]
[color=#29B5AB][i]Special Ability/Gift:[/i][/color] {Will be limited to [b]one[/b]. Please explain [b]clearly[/b] with pros and cons.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Weapon:[/i][/color] {Will be limited to [b]one[/b]. Please explain [b]clearly[/b]. NOTE: Dual weapons will be counted as one and c'mon, no desert eagles, rocket launchers, etc.}

[size=12][font=Georgia][color=#00a99d]{{• Appearance[/color][/font][/size]
[color=#29B5AB][i]Physical Looks:[/i][/color] {Be descriptive.}

[size=12][font=Georgia][color=#00a99d]{{• Personality[/color][/font][/size]
[color=#29B5AB][i]General Attitude/Personality:[/i][/color] {Be very descriptive.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Likes:[/i][/color] {Two minimum.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Dislikes:[/i][/color] {One minimum.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Bad Habits:[/i][/color] {Two minimum.}
[color=#29B5AB][i]Fears:[/i][/color] {One minimum.}

[size=12][font=Georgia][color=#00a99d]{{• Et Cetera[/color][/font][/size]
[color=#29B5AB][i]Other family:[/i][/color]
[color=#29B5AB][i]History:[/i][/color] {Like I said, detailed and description is nice!}

[color=#29B5AB][i]Who did you PM?:[/i][/color] {if you read the rules and fighting handbook, this would make sense}


-Once you copy the code, create a new topic and name it “Last Name, First Name” . If you do not have a last name, just simply put your first name.

- Fill out the information according. [Note: this is all in the template but this is all but a guide]

Character Image: Please do not have pictures that will stretch the page, if it does, we will have to ask you to resize the image. If the image contains sexual content (meaning, undergarments are showing, little to no clothing, inappropriate content), we will delete it with no further warning and will have to ask you to find another one. Please use common sense while picking out images; if we find it to be extremely offensive then we will delete it.

Special Ability: If you have a special ability, we will have to ask you to put at least 4-5 sentences. Please list pros and cons of your special ability before we can approve your character

Weapon: If you have a weapon, please describe what it looks like and what it does in 5-6 sentences. Please list pros and cons as well before we accept you.

[Note: You can have both Special abilities and weapons. Special Abilities might require the user to put it down as a technique]

Physical Appearance: 4-5 sentences for Physical Appearance would be helpful. If you need help, try describing the hair color, eyes, skin, clothing, teeth, anything you can think of! Please don’t’ put [see signature or avatar].

Personality: Please provide at least 3-4 sentences on your character’s personality. Try describing how each character reacts towards things as well. Be creative!

History: This has be a minimum of 8 sentences. You can ask an admin to keep this a secret and we will save it into a separate word file but we’re going to have to ask you to do the same. If you changed your past in anyway, please inform a moderator or an admin to do so.

Please post this in the Pending Applications. You will know it is approved after we’ve moved it to the Filed Applications and stamped it with this:

[Note: You CANNOT put your own registration in the Filed Applications. If you are not accepted or have read the rules, we will have to ask you to stop RPGing and do so immediately.]

[b]3. Fighting

After you’ve had your character accepted, you must post at least 5 techniques before you can start fighting.

-It is under the same Category (Registration). The forum is titled “Stamina Moves”. Please read the Announcement titled “Instructions and Template {Read!}”. There will be a code that you must copy and paste into it. Please read the rest of the topic for further understanding.

[b]Name:[/b] {Name of  weapon or ability.}
[b]Technique:[/b] {Technique's name here.}
[b]Stamina Required:[/b] {Sakurai or Suzumi will determine this.}
[b]HP Deduction:[/b] {Riza will determine this.}
[b]Description:[/b] {Description of the weapon or ability [This will greatly determine the amount of stamina. Be descriptive and unique!]}
[b]Advantages:[/b] {Minimum: 1}
[b]Disadvantages:[/b] {Minimum: 2}

- After that create a new topic and title it your “Last Name, First Name”. If you do not have a last name, title it your first name. After you do so, create at least 5 techniques before you start fighting in the RPG world of Hokkaido Academy.

-DO NOT FILL OUT THE STAMINA REQUIRED SECTION. That is for either Suzumi or Sakurai to decide


After you completed those, you are ready to RPG!

4. Classes

Sign up for Classes soon! You have a maximum of 3 classes to choose. For more information, please look at this topic!

[Note: The topic is currently under construction. Please stand by and bear with us. Thank you very much!

5. Hokkaido Academy Staff

There are currently 5 visible staff members and 1 invisible staff member. The invisible staff member is there to keep watch of everyone’s actions just in case the other 5 do not catch it. Although the staff members do not have a specific job, we have our specialties. Other than that we work together for the betterment of Hokkaido Academy (H.A.)

Remilia - The Main Administrator. In charge of general questions about the site. Specializes in mostly the Rules and Regulations and Fighting Handbook. Also helping in Character Approval.

Suzumi- Co-Administrator. In charge of general questions about the site. Main judge of contests, also helping in the Stamina Field of techniques.

Lucella- Help/Complaints Administrator. In charge of looking for multiple accounts. Peace-Maker of the Hokkaido Academy. In charge of dorms and questions about dorms. In charge of adding/deducting money into people’s character sheets [in charge of Jobs].

Riza- Events Moderator. Answers questions about upcoming events and is in charge of them. Also helps in the HP Deduction field of Techniques

Sakurai- Characters Moderator. Answers questions about a person’s character. Main Approve of Characters. Also helps in the Stamina Field of techniques.

Invisible Admin- In charge of looking for multiple accounts and looking for rule breakers. Possible Helper in all areas.

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Role-Playing Guide [New Memebers please read]
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