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 Nioto, Itasuku

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PostSubject: Nioto, Itasuku   Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:15 pm

Hokkaido Academy
Let's go with Easy Go! To the unseen world...
Student Application

{{• The Principles
I can hear your voice that's slipping into the crowd
First Name: Itasuku
Middle Name: Tsuin
Last Name: Nioto
Nickname(s): Ita
Age: 17
Birthday: August 17
Race: Hunter (Human)
Element: Lighting

{{• The Proficiency
I'm searching for the the map of the future in the center of the intersection
Special Ability: Electrical Surge

  • Explanation & Limits of Gift:
Itasuku has the power to contain and withstand the element of lightning within his weapon and his own body. From years of practicing, his body is now durable enough to be able to take in the pressure and pain from lightning while he uses it in his metal based weapon.

Although he is able to control the lightning itself, the heat from the lightning generated will eventually burn and melt Itasuku's hands and weapon. 3rd degree burns will scourge up the body if not released.
Weapon: Hayai Tsume

  • Explanation of Weapon:
Hayai Tsume is a pair of metal claws attached to handles that can be wielded as close range weapons at fast speed in order to cut claw like strikes at the opponent. These claws were hand crafted by the family blacksmith, and each has a different names.

Hayai: The claw Itasuku equips with hisright hand. Since Itasuku is right handed, Hayai is the dominant claw, and therefore proclaims both of the weapons as Hayai when in battle. Hayai is slightly different than the other claw. The blades are much slimmer and sharper than it’s opposite, because of its excessive use. This means that Hayai can be quick, but won't make too much damage in only one strike. In English, Hayai means Quick.

Uchitoru: The claw Itasuku equips with his left hand. Itasuku's left handed claw, Uchitoru, isn’t used as often as Hayai, due to the fact he is right handed. Because of this lack of use, Itasuku gives Uchitoru a lesser name during battle to help glorify Hayai’s dominance. This name is Tsume. The blades are large and robust on Uchitoru, so that when it is used, it helps make much bigger strikes. But the addition to the weight in Uchitoru will slow down the left arm. In English, Uchitoru means Arrest, or Kill, while Tsume means Claws.

{{• The Presence
I believed in dreams always coming true on the other side of the sky!
Physical Looks: Itasuku stands at 6' 3", head and shoulders. His medium, toned build, indicating strength, compliments his height well, leveling him to a very normal appearance. Itasuku's wardrobe mainly comprises of a black hooded shirt, black jeans, and a studded belt to match. As for shoes, he is mostly seen in sandals. Itasuku's hood is almost always up, therefore pushing his medium length, blonde bangs over his eyes, masking his deep blue shaded irises. His gleaming smirk can be seen almost all the time when you see him, sending a creepy message to those who witness it. Itasuku, overall, is a rather mysterious figure who can't be, at first look, a very normal person.

{{• The Persona
What is there beyond the night? There are times filled with anxiety
General Attitude/Personality: There are often five types of personalities to Itasuku.


Itasuku's solemn disposition is a quiet, gentler, well mannered Itasuku. Whenever he is too tired or lazy to be in his other moods, Itasuku will be a solemn person. This solemnity, in return, is nowhere as exciting as the other four attitudes he has.

- Child like/Mischievous -

Whenever Itasuku is in a good mood, he often resembles that of a 5 year old, always managing to get into trouble with a smile planted on his face that says "I didn't do it." Although there are key aspects in which you can tell that he is still that same person, Itasuku's child like personality will mislead those who try and have a serious conversation. When Itasuku is in this persona, you would have never guessed that he was a hunter.

- Bloodthirsty -

Itasuku, being a hunter, will usually enter his bloodthirsty phase whenever he's in battle. This gives him an edge of excitement and a rush that allows him to cut loose and go crazy with his fighting. Even if it were to be only a spar, Itasuku would take it much further than that when he is bloodthirsty. This phase also resembles his childlike persona, being that he usually never takes the opponent seriously, even in which they are stronger than him. Sick, twisted, dark thoughts usually enter his mind during this phase, and you'll never guess what he might do next.

- Savage -

If in the event Itasuku has been dramatically insulted, or losing in a battle, he will enter his savage phase. This phase is, in the most descriptive way possible, is pure malevolence. His hatred rises to it's highest extent where he will not stop to go and kill whomever had put him in this phase. Of course, you would have to seriously offend Itasuku for him to make it here in the first place. Once he is in this phase, however, it is hard to get back out. Sometimes Itasuku will go and kill more people after has finished the first target(s) just so he can fight off his rage. People never look the same way at Itasuku after bearing witness to this massive display of hate and violence.

- Extreme Depression -

This phase is extremely rare to see, even though some may partake in beholding it. Whenever Itasuku has been emotionally hurt in some way, whether it be from bringing up a bad memory, to and insulting comment in which he could not return because it hurt too much, Itasuku will often become extremely depressed and prepare something drastic. Often, he will describe his depression as a mirror in himself that had shattered by some spiteful person. In this phase, Itasuku will seek solitude, and will at many times inflict pain upon himself, telling himself it's all his fault it happened, that he's a horrible person, that he should have never lived, etc etc. He wont stop until the blood would flow out of him so that he can use it as a tool to help write out words and phrases that describe his anguish. Unless someone stops him before its too late, this phase could last for days on end, and Itasuku would most like end in a hospital, writhing in pain, in more than one way.

Goals: Itasuku plans on blending in with the crowd in the Academy, but he secretly dreams about destroying all creatures he meets.

Likes: Itasuku loves the rain, the cloudy sky, and STRAWBERRY LOLLIPOPS.

Dislikes: Itasuku hates the feeling you get when you bite down onto a wool clothing and rub your teeth back and forth. Ughhhh.

Bad Habits: Itasuku often takes things too far, and, to say the least, wont stop after that. He also, to add on, doesn't know when to stop once he has taken things too far.

Fears: Itasuku is horrified of seeing his family again, and frightened they will return for him. That's the reason he enrolled in the Academy

Other: Itasuku is one strange child........... It's best not to mess him up.

{{• The Past
Even if it's impossible, if we don't do anything, it will stay zero
Parents: Yuki Nioto, Danzo Nioto (mother and father)
Siblings: Shizuma


Itasuku grew up in a family of hunters. He has witnessed many a creature been slain right before his eyes from going out in the field to study hunting techniques with his parents, and he knew the moment he got his weapon, Hayai Tsume, at the age of 9, he was destined to kill creatures as well.

In the Nioto household, it is custom that a young hunter should have killed at least one creature before they turn 13. Everyone in the family had done this successfully for generations. Everyone, that is, except for Itasuku.

Itasuku tried his best to go track down and kill a creature before he turned 13, but they all fled before he could catch them. He tried so hard with vampires and werewolves, mages and half breeds, but with the clock up, the Nioto family had shunned Itasuku from their life forever. To make sure he knew this now and forever, the had made him scratch at his own eye with his own weapon, leaving a scar to remind him of what he had done wrong. This scar has left Itasuku with partial blindness, but being a strong hunter, he can still manage to do well in the world of hunting.

Itasuku had lived with his twin sister, Shizuma, for the longest time. She was a lot like himself, but he's never seen her since he's left.

The pain was excruciating. He cried for himself and cried for the pain many weeks after he had been shunned. With no where to go, he decided to turn himself into a Black List Hunter, or a hunter that defies the rules those of a normal hunter, by killing as many creatures as possible without warning or consent. Being out on the street, he had traveled to the Hokkaido Academy for shelter and protection. There he enrolled, although he doesn't go to class often, and had took part of the academy life.

Greeted by a Council bound Hunter named Sakurai Yakumo, Itasuku was welcomed into the Academy quickly and thoroughly, and he had seemed to slip into the world of the Academy much faster than he had expected.

Since Itasuku's parents had left him without money, he decided to get a job as a grave robber. This job was designed to sell zydrate, an illegal substance that raises the strength, intelligence, and HP of a person on the black market. Extracted from the dead, he makes deals with two other grave robbers, Eitoku Dazai and Drina Rinma, and sells it illegaly at his own price.

Recently, Itasuku has heard of the law that the council has passed about creatures only speaking to their own kind. Knowing that Spartoi, a rebellion group, had made an appearance, Itasuku decided to join the side of the law, being that it would be so much more fun to go and fight 20 people at once.

Although Itasuku joined the side of the Law, he was usually never around to partake in the fighting. True, he had come to close encounters with law breakers that involved reasoning, but Itasuku was never majorly involved in the conflict.

With the law residing, and the fighting over, Itasuku had continued to sell his zydrate in the black market. To make sure that no one had suspected him, he decided to take up a job at Zander's coffee and tea shop as a waiter. There, he had made some rather interesting aqcuaintances.

Zander and Cecilia had greeted Itasuku at his new job. One with a cheery disposition, the other with.... well.. a less than reputable one. Although they were vampires, a creature in which Itasuku especially despised, he decided to 'befriend' them for the time being.

Soon afterwards, Zander had invited Itasuku over to his manor, a place Itasuku had never even been to before. He soon found himself wrapped up in their hospitality and telling Zander Stratfort the secrets of his past. Although he had wished to never speak of it again, he felt like he could trust the leech of his secret life. It seemed fairly nice, talking, but Cecilia, devoid of attention, had gone into a frenzy, and kicked Itasuku out of the manor. Now hating Itasuku, she has forebode him to ever come again.

Itasuku, soon after, had gone through a strange phase in his life. Most likely because of the zydrate selling and trying not to lose customers, he has put on a friendly face around creatures. But now, a strange feeling has come over him, and he longs for the blood thirsty and ravaging experiences he used to have before he got into the zydrate business. He misses, most of all, the hatred that he shares with the filth that contaminates his world.

The hunters council that Itasuku had betrayed so very long ago had agreed to legalize zydrate some time later. Now, Itasuku is able to sell zydrate for a good price to many people, including the ones he wishes to destroy.

Recently, Shizuma has caught up with Itasuku at the black market. This shocking revelation after so long has left Itasuku uncaring and bored. As nice as it is to have someone familiar around, it's almost a burden to see her everyday.

A shocking spike of deaths had ravaged Hokkaido for quite some time, thanks to a mysterious figure called the Necromancer. The Necromancer, as it turns out, had been killing all those who had not joined him in his quest to ravage the world. Itasuku, ecstatic at the news, had spiked in zydrate and zydrate sales, but had been starting to wonder if he was going to be the next one to be sold and injected into a stranger.....

Itasuku has noticed how many people have come to the academy since he had enrolled. It bothers him to be surrounded by a mass of monsters all the time. Trying to avoid the risk of going berserk, he only secludes himself to his work and his studies. Itasuku thinks that it is time for a new uprising to begin. Fuck the Necromancer, Itasuku can take this into his own hands.......

The creatures of Hokkaido Academy fully enraging Itasuku, he had accepted a spar between a mage and a half breed. It started out innocently, but things quickly got out of hand, and before long, over 7 people started to fight against each other in the Koukiaru forest. One of these was his brother, Shinjou, previously Shizuma. He had gotten in the way...... so what was Itasuku to do? Well, the only thing was to take him out for good, and that's what he did. Killing his brother and abandoning his old life, Itasuku is now on the run from the Hunter's Council, for if he even crossed paths with them they would surely execute him....

Who did you PM?: Remilia

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PostSubject: Re: Nioto, Itasuku   Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:36 pm

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Nioto, Itasuku
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