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 Paris II

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PostSubject: Paris II   Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:26 pm

“Now, Paris, it is up to you to decide your destiny!

The Introduction

“Sure thing boss! This chick is ready to fly on his own!”

“I’ll avoid the obvious joke about you being a chick…”

First Name: Paris

Middle Name: None

Surname: None

Nickname(s): None

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race/species: Discarded human

Job: Paris is a member within a group of discarded called Caldoneia VI

The Appearance
“I can’t believe this! Put some clothes on at once! Basking in public dishonors the ghost of your ancestors!”

“Oh, but I’m hot and I’m Italian and all the chicks dig it!”

Hair: Black and medium length

Eyes: Grey

Skin: Pale

Height: 6'0

Weight: 190

Usual Style of Clothing: When alone and in public, Paris wears a black suit shirt, neatly pressed blue jeans, with polished black dress shoes. When with Caldoneia VI, Paris wears a black cloak to disguise himself from the other six members.

Other: Nothing

The Powers
“Hey, Italy, what’s that you’re looking at?”

“Oh this? My combat record.”

Weapon: Paris wields a weapon that is unique to him and him only. The weapon he wields is a long double bladed sword that can be broken into two seperate swords. The blades have the words "Kas" and "Orphelia" on them. His sword is activated by negative energy.

Secret power: None

Element: Space

The Masquerade
“And when your commander approaches?”

“I’ll salute him. Then ignore him, sing, eat and go to bed like an Italian!”

Personality: Paris is often distant and listless, speaking very little to nothing at all.

Pleasures: ???

Displeasures: ???

Bad Habit(s): ???

The Chronicle

“What happened? I remember when you were great…”

Date of Birth: July 23rd

Genealogy: None

Siblings: None

History: When Jace killed Isadore, all of his darkness left his soul. When this happened, Paris was birthed from that darkness. After this point, much of Paris's history became unknown. At some point in time, Paris joined a small group of four people called Caldoneia IV. During this time, the group was only four members. Sometime later, the groups leader, Sabel, battled another member named Kas. The battle was brief, with Kas emerging as the new leader of the group. Paris found much interest in Kas, as they began to spend more time alone with each other away from the others. Things have stayed very much the same over the years, with the group growing to seven members. Recently, Paris has begun to explore the world, discovering a city named Malaya in the process. While he was there, he met a young vampire named Delilah, and her Lycan boyfriend, Riza. Riza saved Delilah when she threw herself in front of Paris's blade to prevent Riza from being attack, though Riza and Paris still fought briefly before Paris reteated into the darkness, but before he retreated, he found out of his nature as a discarded. When Paris opened his eye, he found himself at him with the other members of Caldoneia VI, but paid them no mind and went to seek Kas. Words needed to be spoken. When he found Kas, she revealed her true form to him and led him to a chamber where he could sleep, and have the constant thoughts of his old self vanish. When Paris awoke, he found himself in a different world, and his mind void of Isadore's thoughts. How long he had been a sleep, he couldn't say. After waking up, Paris found himself without direction and set off to the west. The road west took him to an unnamed city where he met a young woman named Anastacia. While was there, he spoke to her briefly, feeling a second presence while he did so. During his second day there, Paris set out within this city to find the presence. It didn't take him very long to find the source of the presence. The being revealed himself by the name of Sabel, the sixth member of Caldoneia VII. The two battled for a fierce twenty minutes, with Paris prevailing as the victor. As Paris watched Sabel bleed out on the pavement before him, he muttered three dying words. "Orphellia is please". Taking note of the dying mans words, Paris set off back to Malaya in search of the enigmatic 'Orphellia'.
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Paris II
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