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 Khael's Dropbox

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PostSubject: Khael's Dropbox   Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:54 am

As many of you know, I randomly write things up. They kind of just poor out. So I made my own special topic to save the chatbox. Even though, I log on when it is empty, and post things then, it's still better. =)

[02:44:16] Khael : Why is it I stand today? I think about what I cannot say.

[02:45:00] Khael : Though you're gone and here I remain, I cannot leave you with nothing but fray.

[02:45:16] Khael : As I continue this road alone, I find comfort in others unknown.

[02:45:31] Khael : Their touch, soft, their voices kind, still your image plauges my mind.

[02:45:57] Khael : It is not fear that haunts me now, nor lonliness causes this, so fowl.

[02:46:31] Khael : It seems a lack of someone there, a void, a gap, I fail to care.

[02:46:57] Khael : It is not sadness that plauges my fate, but madness and the absent of.

[02:47:30] Khael : So I sit alone at night, though in my arms I hold another so tight.

[02:48:02] Khael : I know it is ment to be, but what if my eyes see past destiny.

[02:48:55] Khael : An illusion, all of it, I know not the truth. Anger doesn't solve it, but it rises when I think of you.

[02:50:58] Khael : I let you go, but still in dismay, why is it I cannot stand this day?
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PostSubject: Re: Khael's Dropbox   Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:56 am

I have two accounts?..
How'd that happen.. lol.
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Khael's Dropbox
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