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PostSubject: Amulet   Fri Dec 11, 2009 12:21 am

Hokkaido Academy
Student Application

{{• General Information
First Name: Amulet
Middle Name: None
Last Name: None
Nickname(s): Amu
Age: 14
Birthday: September 1st
Race: Human

{{• Ability
Special Ability/Gift: She is able to attract flowers and be able to control them. Amulet gives off a scent from her everyday weird flower perfumes to the flowers and they seemingly like them. Amulet tries not to use the scent near the same flower everyday because the flower might get too much fumes of scent. Which causes the flower to wither away in an instant.
Weapon: Perfume Bottles. Amulet's perfume bottles are not like any other perfume, it has a soothing and sweet smell. She carries these bottles in an important case which she never shows to anyone. Amu has her own perfume line called 'Rain', she has an abundant amount of 'Rain' in her case filled with bottles.

{{• Appearance
Physical Looks: Amulet comes in a kid's height. Although she is young, her height is smaller than she is. She loves frilly things, especially when it's pink. She wears alot of different clothes everyday. But it somehow needs to be always frilly, but non-frilly is okay. She also carries around her perfume bottle case. Amulet has sparkling purple hair, her jewel like eyes are the same color too. She has a body of a little pre-schooler, but she prefers it that way.

{{• Personality
General Attitude/Personality: Amulet always try to be open minded and look at the bright side in everything. She encourages everyone and makes sure people aren't fighting physically or mentally. She has a bright smile on her face and never lets it turn into a frown.
Goals: Her goal in life is to make the world smell nice and beautiful. She wants all of the animals to live in a 'Rain' scented habitat. Although everyone calls her a little crazy, she always say to 'Chase your dreams!'.She wants it to be like what she wants it to be because with smooth smell in the air, no one will fight, atleast not alot of people.
Likes: Amulet likes alot of things! Candy, and peace! All of the other things to her is a little bit unimportant.
Dislikes: The only thing Amu doesn't like is fighting.
Bad Habits: Amu has a tendency of being drunk by orange juice, and always biting her nails.
Fears: She is scared of her father, whom she left to explore the world.

{{• Et Cetera
Parents: Ludwig DuPree, Juuri Otonashi
Siblings: Hijiki (cousin) and Tooru (cousin)
Other family: Nome
History: Amulet's history is pretty simple. She lived with her father in England, because of her mother's death, when her life was beautiful. A perfume merchant came to her mansion to sell, her father shunned her away but she secretly met the merchant later that night. The merchant talked with her and showed her all the beautiful and sweet scented perfumes. She then started going to the library and looking at all the perfumes the merchant talked about, she started getting into it.

She made a garden in her backyard, her father though the interest was stupid and took down the garden. She was very mad at her father, she started to go back on being normal Amulet. But then the next thing she knew, she resented her father. She then left and now she is searching the world far and wide for flowers and perfumes.

Who did you PM?: Remilia
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PostSubject: Re: Amulet   Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:22 pm

Uh oh! We seem to have a dilemma...

I. Wonderful application so far ^_^ just one thing is all. Do you think you could elaborate on your personality a little more? More detail would be nice. After that, you'll be ready to RP!
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