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 Craiger Grimm

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PostSubject: Craiger Grimm   Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:31 pm

Name: death
Technique: murder is bliss
Stamina Required: -10 intelligence, -12 strength
HP Deduction: 15
Description: craiger raises both his hands into the air and almost instantly a murder (flock) of crows appears as if from nowhere and fly's into the enemy giving them countless cuts and slices. Due to the crow's being many in number this attack is extremely hard to dodge of block unless countered with a rather large shield or colliding with a huge spell such as a tornado.
Advantages: is extremely hard to block or dodge
Disadvantages:if a person has the required ability such as a huge shield or a large spell such as a tornado the move can be blocked or countered.

Name: death
Technique: insane blitz
Stamina Required: -4 intelligence, -10 strength
HP Deduction: 10
Description: craiger charges at the enemy and unleashes a barrage of powerful blows upon the enemy in quick succesion using his arms, feet, knees and sword.
Advantages:the enemy does not have much time to react and the attack has the possibility of catching them off guard.
Disadvantages:most of the attacks are weak and so cause very little damage, that is why craiger must strike as many blows as possible before retreating. A second disadvantage to this would be when craiger charges, he can be easily intercepted with a well placed short or ranged attack of any kind.

Name: shapeshift
Technique: monkey see monkey do
Stamina Required: -8 intelligence
HP Deduction: none
Description: craiger transforms into a direct physical copy of his opponent, he then proceeds to copy them perfectly, if they jump then he jumps, if they attack him he mimics them and the attacks counter each other
Advantages: render's craiger almost completly untouchable, the only way he can be hit is if the enemy uses their own special technique on him as he cannot copy them.
Disadvantages:craiger may be able to copy the enemy's movements but he cannot copy the enemy's ability's so if they attack him with a spell he cant counter the spell with another. a second disadvantage would be, if craiger is copying one target and there are two foe's he can only focus on his target so the other enemy has a chance to move around and strike him from behind

Technique: My shadow and I
Stamina Required: -10 intelligence
HP Deduction: none
Description: artix manipulates his shadow and splits it into four separate beings, of course since shadow is not actually a physical element these shadows can only be used for distractions or substitutes for attacks.
Advantages: using the shadows craiger can easily trick the enemy into thinking he is attacking when in fact it is his shadow clone instead of the real thing.
Disadvantages:the clones cannot cause physical harm and are destroyed in a single hit.

Name: death
Technique: breath of death
Stamina Required: - 6 per object
HP Deduction: none
Description: using the swords special ability, craiger can give life to inanimate objects such as rocks or tree's and make them fight for him
Advantages:the enemy will be focused upon the current object they are fighting so they should not have time to attack craiger giving him time to plan the next move.
Disadvantages:the objects craiger gives life too are fragile and can be destroyed either by using a powerful special ability on them or waiting until they reach their limit which is five posts and the object dies.

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PostSubject: Re: Craiger Grimm   Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:48 pm

Please insert HP Deductions~

Post Updated when done.

Suzumi & Remilia~

{Bad quality, stupid uploader. But I thought it was creepy so there~}
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PostSubject: Re: Craiger Grimm   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:53 pm

Updated by Itasuku
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PostSubject: Re: Craiger Grimm   

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Craiger Grimm
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