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 Shimofuri, Hyoujin

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PostSubject: Shimofuri, Hyoujin   Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:15 pm

Hokkaido Academy
Student Application

{{• General

First Name: Hyoujin
Middle Name: {If any.}
Last Name: Shimofuri
Nickname(s): Ms. Gray
Age: 14
Birthday: April 13
Race: Human


{{• Ability
Special Ability/Gift: {Her youth and life is
sealed in a painting of herself, If she can’t die nor be hurt by normal means
but her portrait will change based on her and what she does this picture is a
window into her soul, If any harm comes to this picture of her she will die and
take the form of whatever it is on her portrait Weapon: None
{{• Appearance
Physical Looks: A small framed female with long
blond hair (dyed) and green eyes (contacts) her natural hair color is black and
natural eye color is brown

{{• Personality
General Attitude/Personality: A naïve female who befriended
the wrong man or boy named Noah she is a Nice woman but Noah’s Influence is
starting to take a toll on her portrait
Goals: To protect her Portrait at all cost
Likes: Her portrait, Noah and his kind words and
Hedonistic lifestyle
Being bored and rudeness
Bad Habits: Listening To Nowatanabe Watanuki, and
being unaware of her own sexuality
Fears: Her portrait and what it looks like

{{• Et Cetera
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Older brother Painter (dead)
Other family: Uncle Sarutobi Watanuki
History: Born to a couple of painters her mother
a Watanuki and the black sheep of the family because of her life choice they
died very soon after the birth of Hyoujin Plane crash go figure so she moved
with her older brother who was of age and He painted a portrait of her when she
turned 14 on her birthday, two weeks after its completion he died of a heroin
overdose Sarutobi decided to take on his Niece as a ward after both of his own son were failures as successors
but he didn’t allow her to go through with the rite for an angel . she lived a
very sheltered life due to her brother’s over protectiveness of her and then
was tossed in the vulgar world her cousin Noah. The shock brought them together
he lost interest with her soon and took her on as a protégé to his father

Who did you PM?: {if you read the rules and
fighting handbook, this would make sense}
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Shimofuri, Hyoujin
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